Start Your Own Bakery Business

Would you like to Start Your Own Bakery Business? Mr Buns Bakery Academy will help you start, manage, market, and grow your business faster than you ever thought possible.

Start Your Own Bakery Business 

Here are two important questions for you. Why do you want to work for yourself? What do you think owning your own business will give you that you can’t get working for someone else?

I always had a dream to work for myself and own my own ‘Cake Shop in the Sun’, and I made that dream a reality. My main reasons to start my own business were to express my creativity and to build a secure income that wasn’t capped. I loved the idea that my income was not limited by an organisation or a boss. If I worked hard, I could earn whatever I wanted.

Take Responsibility For Your Own Income

This sounds a bit naive now and looking back I can feel the painful mistakes I made. Often I earned far less than I would have in a minimum wage job, but after a few years and many ups and downs, I have built a very secure and steady income that allowed my family to live the lifestyle of our choosing.

My Training Ground

Those mistakes were my training ground. They enabled me to grow and learn things that I couldn’t find in a book or on a course. The Bakery Academy was born out of this feeling. I imagined that if I could have benefited from someone else’s experiences then perhaps I wouldn’t have made those mistakes. Perhaps I would have achieved that security and lifestyle much quicker?

My goal here is to use my 20 years experience in the bakery industry to help you. I want you to learn from my mistakes and also from my success. Although I haven’t made a million pounds or set up a Global multi-million dollar company, I have created businesses and brands that are profitable, using very little money and resources, and I’ve achieved my goals in areas from a home based business to a popular retail chain.

Start Your Own Bakery Business

Any Bakery Business Is Covered 

Whether you want to start your own bakery business from home, a shop, a food truck, or a unit baking for other businesses, all the information you need is on this website or in my books. You can take a course or a workshop to develop a particular skill or even work 1 on 1 with me personally over the phone or the internet or even in person anywhere in the world.

With the Bakery Academy, you will be able to Start your own bakery business faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

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Name your business

Naming your business is a huge step and can be very difficult. It is also very exciting and great fun. It is a process you may only do once and so getting it right the first time is a very big deal.

There are a lot of things to consider when thinking of a name for your business. You can learn all about these here and even download a quick workshop so you can work through each step.

Start Your Own Bakery Business

Create a brand

A Brand, or Brand Identity, is so important for your business to increase its sales and for it to grow. Your Brand Identity is a reflection of your beliefs, purpose, values and goals.

Your brand is not just a logo or a signature, but an entity that will connect or disconnect you with your customers. Your brand will evolve based on how you speak to customers in person, in emails and especially in all the social medias.

After considering the original definitions of ‘a brand’ and my experience with my own brands, I now define a brand as, ‘A consistent physical, behavioural and emotional representation of your business Identity, portraying your core beliefs, goals and values to your customers’.

This sounds like a mouthful but after you have read through the section on branding here, I think you will appreciate why my own definition makes a lot of sense.

I love creating brands and have put together a step by step worksheet to help you focus in on your own brand identity.

Start Your Own Bakery Business

Create your products

Product creation is often something that is thought about late on in start up. It can almost be forgotten and certainly not given the importance it deserves.

Choosing your Product will be a key stage in your planning process. Your product combined with your customer service, are the two key areas you have to perfect. If your product is awesome but your customer service sucks, then your business most probably won’t work. If your customer service is awesome and your product sucks then again it won’t work. Getting the two right and getting them working together is essential and really isn’t difficult. Planning is key, though, so spending time on each will set you up for success.

It is so important to take the time to think about your product or product lines at the early stage of your business planning. The more time you can spend on it early on, the more chance you have of being successful. Your whole business will revolve around your product so getting it right is crucial to success. To help with this process, I have put together a list of questions you can ask yourself about your product. Work through the list and by the end, you will have a very detailed overview of not just your product, but your business as a whole!

Start Your Own Bakery Business

Cover the legalities

Registering your new home business or bakery correctly is very important. If you get it wrong you can face fines (or worse) further down the line.

I have written an 8 Step Guide to registering your business in the UK. Other countries will follow a similar process so check out your own government website, portal or offices for the specifics. The information given here will be relevant at the time of posting but I thoroughly recommend and advise that you look at the latest requirements in your area as both the UK and USA update frequently. It is always important to keep up to date. So with that in mind, please take this guide as a guide only and be aware that this is no substitute for professional help and services.

Start Your Own Bakery Business

Prepare for Food Safety Inspection

The dreaded Food Safety visit from your local Environmental Health Officer is feared by many home baker start-ups. But it really shouldn’t be. All experiences I have had with Environmental Health have been positive and I always think that they are there to help more than to enforce.

If you are upfront, honest and genuine when dealing with your Environmental Health Officer, then you will have nothing whatsoever to worry about. To put you even more at ease, I thought it would be useful to include a section on preparing for your first Food Safety visit here.

Stand out from the crowd

Just a few minutes spent on Twitter will reveal a huge number of bakeries, cake, and cupcake businesses. With entry into the market so easy, many people have started home bakeries and even run their business alongside a full-time job or full-time parenting. You could say that since 2009 the cupcakes market has literally been flooded with new businesses opening and closing. Some last a few months before failing and having to shut down, whilst others are successful and continue to grow after many years. But what is the difference between success and failure?

To succeed, you need to stand out and innovate. I’ll show you how to do this here.

make your business stand out

Dominate a niche

Focussing on a niche is one piece of advice I would have loved to receive when I first started my business. At times I have tried to please everyone and offer products for every possible customer. While this may work for a large supermarket chain, it just doesn’t work for a small independent business.

When I started to focus on a niche, my business (and my life) changed for the better. This goes hand in hand with your ‘Perfect Customer’ so take a look at both sections. Niche Product here and Perfect Customer here.

vegan cake

Create a business plan

A business plan is simply a written document that details very aspect of your business. It covers all the areas that are in this book, Start-Up, Marketing, Sales, Management, Financials, Resources, and Planning. I like to think of it as a roadmap. A plan to get from where you are to where you want to be, covering all the steps in between. It can be a one hundred page fully bound document or just one page scribbled on a piece of scrap paper. As long as you have a plan and can write it down, you are off to a great start.

Business plans will differ depending on who is involved with your business. A bank, for example, will require a specific template and layout that they will often give you to complete. They see so many that it makes it easier for them if they can read through business plans that are all laid out the same. They can get the information they need quickly and easily.

Here is our guide to creating a business plan that covers every area you need to think about to start your own bakery business.

Start Your Own Bakery Business

Launch your business successfully 

Once you have gone through all the steps required to start your own bakery business, you will need to launch it. You will need to set a date to start and make sure as many people as possible are aware of it.

There are lots of ways to launch a business, some cost a fortune, while others are totally free. As I am a fan of not spending more money than you need to, I lay out a simple and practically cost-free way to launch your business here.

Start Your Own Bakery Business

The Easy Bit Is Done 

This may sound like a lot of work but in reality, going through these steps and starting a business is the easy part. Managing, Marketing, and Growing your business is where the real work starts!

Have a look through the links here and please do get in touch if you have any questions. I’m on all the usual social media and the links are on the top of the page. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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