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I’ve tried and tested many brands of cake decorating tools but the only ones that have lasted have been the awesome PME Tools. These are by far the best cake decorating tools.

There are lots of imitations which are certainly cheaper than the PME Tools, but they just aren’t up to scratch. The white tops come loose really quickly and they just are not as smooth. The PME tools are really durable and don’t scratch easily at all. They keep their shape and smoothness and really do make a huge difference to the finish of your icing decorations.

20 Years Later 

While you can compromise on the very small ball tools – I use knitting/crochet tools for this – the PME tools leafing tool cannot be beaten on quality, durability, and longevity. My PME tools were my first cake decorating equipment I bought over 20 years ago when I was 17 and I still use them day in day out today.

You can buy them individually and also in packs of about 8 or so which gives you 16 different tool ends. I use about 5 different ones all the time and the others I use now and again. You may find the set is well priced so purchasing them all and having the extra ones isn’t much more than buying the top 5 individuallyI’ve

I’ve included links below to my favourite 5 and also a set so you can have a look for yourself.

PME Modelling Tools, Set of 8
List Price: £14.81
Price: £14.81
Price Disclaimer

Get What You Pay For 

As with everything, the more you can afford the better (usually) the equipment, and this is definitely the case for the PME tools. I’ve been seduced by the £2 set of 10 tools only to find they are useless. They do not give a crisp, professional finish and break after a few uses.

I will always 100% recommend the PME tools and I won’t use anything else.

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