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What Is The best Mixer For A Home Bakery Business?

I get asked this all the time. There are so many mixers available, all at different prices. So just what is the best mixer for a bakery business?

Day In Day Out 

As with any product, if you are going to use it day in day out then it definitely pays to spend as much as you can afford. I have two mixers that I think are amazing. My trusty Kenwood Chef mixer is now 18 years old and is still going as strong as ever, even after taking a tumble from my worktop and hitting the ground hard! This is a beast, a true workhorse. Lots of attachments included and I think I paid £300 for him even 18 years ago. This is the equivalent of the new model Titanium model and make sure you go for the one with the bigger 6.7 litre bowl.

My most recent counter top mixer is the awesome Kitchen Aid. I purchased the bigger industrial model. This came with two stainless steel mixing bowls with tight fitting lids and the three most common attachments; whisk, paddle and hook. The industrial model has the added benefit of a larger capacity so if you are making large quantities of produce then this is well worth the extra £150-£200. The bowl can mix up enough mix to make 80-90 cupcakes at a time (in the muffin case size). If R2D2 from Star Wars was a kitchen appliance then he would definitely be a kitchen aid mixer!

Kenwood Vs Kitchen Aid 

The Kenwood is definitely louder (but he has been dropped) and seems a bit more robust but that might just be in its appearance. Of the two, I do favour the KitchenAid and with all the colours available you can have a very stylish feature for your kitchen or bakery. The larger model comes in Red or White, but the standar model comes in all different colours from duck egg blue to raspberry.

While perfect for making cakes, both mixers will struggle if you are making large quantities of bread or pastry. If you are looking to start up you business making bread, doughnuts, pies, pasties or other bread and pastry products then it will take a long time to make a large number of any of these type products with these mixers. You would be better looking towards a larger worktop size which then takes you away from the £300 mark and moves you into more specialised, commercial machines between £600-£1000.

I’ve added a few links below so you can see the products available and read up a bit more for yourself.

Perfect For Cakes 

Cake or light products: the Kitchen Aid (standard or industrial) or the Kenwood Chef will serve you well. Your KitchenAid & Kenwood will excel when making cake mixtures, buttercream, meringue, and frostings.

Bread or Pastry Products: both products can make the bread or pastry in small batches no problem at all, but if you are making lots of bread or pastry throughout the day, go for something with a bigger capacity and more of a commercial motor.

Let me know if you have a favourite and share your thoughts.

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Happy Baking!


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