Designing A Perfect Product

25 Questions To Ask When Designing A Perfect Product

Choosing and Designing A Perfect Product will be key stages in your planning process. Your product, customer service, and perfect customer are key areas you have to perfect for a successful business. If your product is awesome but your customer service sucks, then your business most probably won’t work. If your customer service is awesome and your product sucks then again it won’t work. If both are awesome, but you don’t know who your customer is, then your business probably won’t work. Getting the three stages right and getting them working together is essential but really isn’t difficult. Planning is key, though, so spending time on each will set you up for success. Here are 25 Question to ask when designing a perfect product.

Head Start 

There is a lot to go into as your whole business will be shaped by your product or product range. I have written about it in detail in my book. The Bakery industry, in particular, the home cupcake or novelty cake sector, is very popular and has been growing at a rapid rate over the last ten years. With so much competition in the market, you really have to stand out with a winning product. The good news for you is that many, many small businesses, whether at home or in a retail space, rush in and do not plan the fine details that make a business successful. You will not be making that mistake and have a head start on the rest.


Many products being sold today, did not even exist five years ago. Products are continually evolving and new trends are being introduced more frequently than ever before. The use of the internet has given small businesses a huge advantage, making it very easy to enter a market and take orders from day one. This gives you an amazing opportunity. If you can choose the right product you can enter your market and jump ahead of the competition almost immediately.

Once you have learned this process, you can keep innovating and staying ahead of the competition by introducing winning products to your business and moving with the market rather than trying to fight against it.

Take The Time To Think 

So take the time to think. Think about your product in great detail and the more time you can spend on it now, the more chance you have of being successful later on. To help with this process, I have put together 25 questions you can ask yourself about your product. Work through them all and write down your answers and you will be on the way to Designing A Perfect Product.

25 Questions To Ask When Designing A Perfect Product  

1. What specific bakery products do you like?

2. What products excite you the most?

3. What products can you imagine yourself being happy creating and selling on a daily basis for 4. perhaps the next ten years?

5. Would you buy the product and if so why would you buy it?

6. Would you be happy to sell the product to your close family and friends?

7. Who will you be selling to? (We will go in depth on this later on).

8. Who needs, wants, desires, your product?

9. Will you like to sell to these kind of people every day?

10. Does the demand for the product exist in the area you can service?

11. How much can you charge?

12. How much profit can you make?

13. What does the product do for the customer?

14. What needs does it meet?

15. Will you make the product yourself?

16. How will you store it?

17. How will you sell it?

18. How will it be packaged?

19. Will you offer a refund or return option?

20. Will you deliver? If so how?

21. How is your product different or better than your competition?

22. How will your product stand out from your competition?

23. Is anyone else selling your product? If they are not, then why aren’t they?

24. How will you promote your product?

25. Why this product? Is it right for you?

Product, Perfect Customer, and Customer Service 

Lots of questions which, if you answer them fully and honestly, will give you a very good idea of where your product will stand in the market. For a product to work, a lot of things have to come together at the right time, for the right reasons, in the right way and because of the right people. Use this exercise in conjunction with the post on Profiling Your Perfect Customer and you will be well on the way to having a successful product.

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