Sales Process for Your Bakery Business

8 Step Sales Process for Your Bakery Business

A sales process is a systematic approach built up of a number of steps that you need to follow to sell more products, increase your profits, and maximise your time. The steps are pretty much the same for any business but I have tailored an awesome sales process designed specifically for the bakery industry. Here is my 8 Step Sales Process for Your Bakery Business.

8 Step Sales Process for Your Bakery Business

Step 1: Marketing 

Everything you have worked towards in your Marketing Plan will build up opportunities and interested prospective customers.

Step 2: Acquiring Leads  

You start to receive interest from your marketing and prospective customers call, email, message, text or visit you to find out more about you and your product.

 Step 3: Qualifying the Leads 

Establish if your prospective customers have the Need, Means and Desire to buy your product.

Step 4: Assess Your Customers Needs 

Find out exactly what the customer wants, when they want it and decide if you are the right business to provide them with it.

Step 5: Product Presentation or Design Consultation 

This can be as simple as showing them pictures of cakes or other products you have made in the past, or it could be a one-hour consultation where you work with them to design and draw their perfect cake.

Step 6. Close the Sale 

When you have everything confirmed and have matched your customer with the perfect product and you know they want it, need it and can pay for it, now you close the sale and take the payment.

Step 7. Follow Up 

Following up with lost sales can increase your profits in a huge way. Just a quick call a day after a presentation that didn’t sell can lead to a sale. Even follow up with customers who have bought and keep them involved in the creative process, letting them know everything is on track for the fulfilment of their product.

Step 8. Ask for Referrals 

Ask your customers to refer you to their friends and family. Referrals are far easier to sell to than ‘Good Leads’ so get as many as you can! You can offer discount cards for them to pass out but make sure you set an expiry date on them so you can keep track of the success rate and entice them to buy sooner rather than later.

Advantage Over Other Bakery Businesses 

This awesome eight step process will give you a running start in your business and an immediate advantage over most of your competition. When researching my businesses in the past, I found most bakeries – especially home cake decorators – have no sales process in place. They tend to use a very old-fashioned tactic of advertising they are fully booked until ‘X’ date encouraging people to book in fast if they want a cake! This doesn’t work anywhere near as well as the professional sales process approach.

I have even tested this by trying to book a cake from a number of businesses for the period they say they are fully booked. It turned out the could magically do it. Creating urgency to buy is one thing, but misleading your prospective customers is a sign of desperation and lack of sales and marketing expertise. You can seriously wipe the floor with these businesses just by having a marketing plan and sales process in place.

Shower You With Profits! 

My book goes into great detail for each step and gives you some great tools and tactics you can use in your bakery business. Whether it is at home or in a retail unit. I really can’t emphasise enough how important a sales process is and I urge you to get into it and love the process. The process will love you back and will shower you with much more than kisses, it will shower you with profits!

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