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7 Questions To Ask When Profiling Your Perfect Customer

Here is a great exercise for you to carry out to design your perfect customer. Once completed you will have a great reference that you can use in your future marketing to help you decide where and how to market your business. Knowing who your perfect customer is will save you loads of time and money and will give you a valuable advantage over your competition.

7 Questions To Ask When Profiling Your Perfect Customer 

This is a really fun and simple exercise to carry out but many businesses just don’t do it. How can you seriously run a profitable business of you don’t even know who you are selling to?

When I write a blog, film a video or design any adverts or promos, I always imagine I am talking to my perfect customer. This really is an awesome tool and I urge any business owner to use it.

Go through the 7 Steps below and answer in as much detail as you can and you will have a clear design for your perfect customer. You can go much more in depth with this, but this is a quick and easy exercise to get started.

Step 1. 

Gender. Male or Female?

Step 2. 

Age. Give an age range e.g. 20-30.

Step 3. 

Residential Locations. Where do they live, work, and what routes do they take?

Step 4. 

Income level. How much do they earn per year? How much of their income is disposable?

Step 5. 

Do they have children? If so how many and what age is perfect for you?

Step 6. 

Marital Status. Are they married, engaged, single? What status best fits your business?

Step 7. 

Employment Status. Do they have a job? Unemployed? Retired?

Now You Are Ready 

That’s it, 7 simple steps. But this is just one step. Now you have to design your product around the new information you have gathered. How will you use this new knowledge going forward? Do you think it will be advantageous for you and your business? Let me know by dropping me a line on Facebook or tweet me on twitter, I’d love to hear how this has worked for you.

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