The Best Cake Decorating & Sugarcraft Icing

There are a couple of major icing brands and Renshaw is, in my opinion, the best cake decorating and sugarcraft icing. When comparing price, all the top brands are pretty much the same, but the quality of the Renshaw coloured icing is top class.

All the novelty themed cakes you see on my website or Facebook page, have been made with Renshaw Icings.



It does not crack easily and is very malleable. Once moulded by hand into the required shape, it holds the shape well and can be used to make very complex designs and structures.

When completely covering cakes with the coloured icing, the Renshaw is definitely the best and I would always recommend the coloured icings above all the other brands.

The Renshaw white icing is great for covering cakes and does not have the air bubbles as so many of the cheaper alternatives do.


No more using food colourings to colour your icing!

Renshaw Icing are Vegan, including the red! So you can have any cake design on the website if you are Vegan or want an Egg, Dairy, or Gluten free cake. Mr Buns is all about reducing animal cruelty and you can read all about the social enterprise we set up to help animals and promote compassion by visiting 

Many Colours To Choose From 

The coloured icings come in many colours and shades. I only tend to buy the main colours, White, Red, Yellow, Lincoln Green, Turquoise Blue, Atlantic Blue, Fuchsia pink, Chocolate Brown and Jet Black. You can mix the red with white icing to make a pale pink and mix yellow with red etc to make other colours. The Renshaw icings blend really easily so this is a great tip if you have a large cake to ice in pale pink for example. Mixing a little red with white icing will save you  a bit of money and increase help your profits. :0)


Give Them A Try! 

If you would like to try the Renshaw icings I have included some links below. The Coloured icing link gives the options to choose any of the available colours. You can also find all the icings and much more in our shop here.

Let me know how you get on with it and post some pics on my Facebook page, I’d love to see your creations.

Happy Baking! :0)

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Lee :0)

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