Daily Income Goal For Your Bakery Business

Set A Daily Income Goal For Your Bakery Business

Setting a Daily Income Goal For Your Bakery Business is an awesome way to keep your focus on the financial side of your business. If you involve your team in the goal planning process it develops a great team spirit and has everyone committing to the same target. When you work with your team to set targets, they will feel like they have set the targets with you rather than you just telling them what they need to do. This is powerful. It really gets everyone motivated and when you get close to the target you will see everyone trying hard to ensure the target is met, and most importantly, smashed!

Daily Goals 

I used to set goals each day with my team and gave them ways to achieve the goals, but I never sat down with them to work out together how we could do it. This is something I learned to do with my team a bit late in my business and I wish I did this at the start. Lucky for you I can share this great exercise that I hope you will try out.

Be Realistic 

So before you gather your team, work out how much you want to turnover in the year. Say it’s £200,000. Then divide that number by the days you will be open. Let’s say 310. So £200,000 divided by 310 = £645 per day. Now for fun, round it up to, so it’s £700. A higher target gets you more motivated! You could go as high as you want to, but it has to be realistic too. Remember, Mr. Nightingale, “What you can conceive and believe, you can achieve”.

Gather Your Team 

When you start the meeting announce that for the business to be a success you need to sell £700 per day. Some days will naturally be busier than others but stick to the average £700.

Then ask everyone ‘How can we achieve this?’

At first, your team might be slow to suggest ideas, but once they get started I guarantee you will have a hard time stopping them! If you are struggling to get them going, then prompt your most confident employee to kick things off. Write every idea down and DO NOT criticize it, just say great, cool etc and be sure to write everything everyone said down and make a little note (maybe with their initials) of who made each suggestion.


You will get great ideas like I did, such as:

Product Knowledge

Know the Prices

Enthusiasm for Product

Answering the Phone every time

Knowing what to say

Asking Customers Questions

£5 Card Minimum

Speak Clearly & Concisely


Make Conversation with Customers

Be Really Friendly

Be Happy


Learn from Mistakes

Do our Best everytime

Don’t Cut Corners

Flirt if you want to!

Exceptionally Clean Shop

Be Honest with Each Other

Help Each Other

Tell each other what we think

Work as A REAL Team 

Now a lot of this is obvious and should be expected but the fact that your team outlined it and stated how they should act is so important. If you just rattled this list off to them during a meeting they wouldn’t even hear half of it and at best remember one or two particular points. The power of them suggesting and being in evolved is awesome and allowing them to take ownership of this exercise is crucial.

Pop in your own ideas when there are pauses to keep the flow and make sure to keep encouraging and thanking them.

Thank them all for their suggestions, then print up the list (maybe add a few notes beneath each idea) and give a copy to each of them. Pop up a copy on the shop floor, behind the scenes, the kitchen, staff room and everywhere else you can. Now they can see you have listened to them and have taken their suggestions seriously enough to implement them and display for all to follow.

Daily Income Goal For Your Bakery Business 

At the start of each new day, you can reinforce the target and ask ‘how will we get there today?’ You will find your team members will remember their contribution and will be proud to tell you. In future meetings, you can ask if anyone has any new ideas. Discuss which ideas you can all focus on to reach the target and even leave an ideas book on the shop floor or behind the scenes. Go over the new implementations and see which ideas have worked the best.

So with this subtle and simple method, you will strengthen the team bond and have everyone focusing on the same goal and working hard to reach it together. Without profits you won’t have a business, so you should never be ashamed to focus on profits. By involving everyone and stressing the importance, you can build a strong, profit focused team that you can rely on even when you are not there yourself to drive them on.

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