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10 Ways To Get Recommended To New Customers

I heard two great statistics recently. First, 14% of all advertising combined (magazines, billboards, online, everything!), converts to a sale. Second, 74% of word of mouth (recommends) converts to a sale. This post looks at how you can take advantage of these statistics in your business and shows you 10 ways to get recommended to new customers.

10 Ways To Get Recommended To New Customers

Word Of Mouth Maybe Free, But It Comes At A Price 

What a huge difference. But for me, the best part of this is that word of mouth is completely free! The fact that this is free is amazing for any new business. The tricky part, however, is that the effort involved to get your product or business talked about and recommended does not give you an accurate R.O.I. when you start out.

With this in mind, you really have to take it on faith that all of your efforts will be rewarded. It may take quite some time for the word to spread, months and even years, but keep going forward and keep believing. If you just ask every customer, every time, where they heard about you, then you will start to get the information you need to compile your own statistics. Although it will take some time to build momentum but it is so important to ask every customer the question and record their answers.

So the question has to be, ‘how can I get my business to be talked about and recommended over and over again?’

Here are my 10 ways to get recommends and repeat custom:

1. Provide amazing content for your customers on your social media platforms.
2. Deliver amazing customer service all the time, every time
3. Provide the very best product you are capable of producing
4. Be unique, individual and original
5. Be human and take a genuine interest in your customers and what they have to say
6. Go the extra mile – if you have an opportunity to add value for your customers, then do it!
7. Say what you will do, then do what you say
8. Over commit AND over deliver
9. Be grateful, thankful and appreciative of your customers
10. Love what you do. This is infectious and your customers will love this!

That’s it, 10 ways to get recommends and repeat custom. If you can deliver on these 10 points then your customers will talk about you, they will tell their friends and they will recommend you. If you really love what you do, most of these points will be actioned by you naturally, you won’t even realise you are doing them. But don’t take that for granted!

Analyse Your Process & Yourself 

Look at your processes and analyse yourself. How do you deal with complaints? How do you answer the phone? Do you ask enough questions, go the extra mile, and are you doing the best job you can to add value to your customers? It is easy to read a list like this but if you want to take your business to the next level then spend the time to go deep and be honest with the answers you give yourself.

Check It Out 

If you are interested in starting your own cupcake or bakery business, then have a look at my book. It’s filled with all the information you need to get started and succeed.

I would love to hear your thoughts over on twitter or facebook. How do you ensure your customers recommend you to others?

Thanks for reading and happy creating! :0)


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