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How To Make Perfect Cupcakes

The secret to creating perfect cupcakes is to make sure they are uniform in size. That way they will all cook correctly and will look great ready for decorating. The key is to place the exact amount of cake mixture into each cupcake or muffin case. Read on to find out how to make perfect cupcakes every time with our quick and easy tips.

Many methods widely used include a spoon, piping bag and measuring cups. While these are acceptable, they do not measure out the exact amount each time. The best way we have found is to use an ice cream scoop. Particularly a metal scoop with the squeeze handle that pops out a perfect uniform measurement every time.

What Size Is Best? 

If you are using standard cupcake cases then we recommend 50mm diameter scoop. If you are making the bigger muffin cases then we recommend 55mm diameter scoop.

These measurements will make sure your cupcakes reach the top of the cases so if you want them to rise higher than that – for muffins maybe – then you should go for a large diameter for each case size.

We have used this ice cream scoop method to make all our cupcakes and I still have my ‘Old Faithful’ ice cream scoop that has personally scooped over 250,000 cupcakes!

Pay As Much As You Can Afford 

The cheaper scoops might work for a few sessions but if you are a serious home or business baker then you must pay the extra few pounds and purchase a decent scoop.

Cupcakes Traditional Size Cases 

This 48mm scoop by Lacor is a great choice for cupcakes and should last you a long time.

Lacor-67048-ICE CREAM SCOOP 18/10 48 mm.
List Price: £9.70
Price: £9.70
Price Disclaimer

It’s up to the task and should see you scooping just as many cupcakes as my old faithful!

Cupcakes Muffin Size Cases 

If you offer the slightly bigger cupcakes in muffin cases then this 53mm scoop by Lacor is a great option.

Lacor Ice Cream Scoop, 53mm
List Price: £9.96
Price: £9.96
Price Disclaimer

You can click the links to read up more about the scoops. If you decide to purchase one let me know how you get on and post your pics on my Facebook page so we can all have a look.

Happy Baking! :0)

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