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Pipe Like a Pro! The Perfect Piping Bags

When I used to run my cake decorating classes, my customers loved the disposable piping bags I used. I took it for granted that everyone knew you could get these, as I have always used them as a Professional Chef, but that’s not the case. So I thought I’d write up a quick review for you about these blue beauties!

Perfect Piping Bags 

These bags are perfect for piping anything, mashed potato, frosting, melted chocolate and I find them the perfect storage wrap for any opened Renshaw icing packs. The material is perfect to keep the icing fresh and prevents any drying whatsoever. With a tight twist and fold, they are airtight.


When using for piping, you just snip the end off to the right size for your nozzle and pop it in. You can use any size from the PME 00 up to the bigger Wilton 1M and the even bigger catering 13mm ones. When we were making our cupcakes  1000 at a time, I didn’t even use a nozzle, I just snipped the end off the right size and piped away. I even did a little wavy cut so I could pipe cream as if through a start nozzle and it worked really well.


When you fill up the bag you can get a lot of frosting in these so you don’t have to keep opening the bag and refilling. This is perfect as it saves you a lot of mess, time and stops the frosting getting warm as it can do with the smaller piping bags. They are also very hygiene and at such a great price you can just use once or twice and then throw away.


Other Uses 

We sold sweets a few times at stalls and in my shop, so I filled these bad boys up with marshmallows like you get at the funfair. They have many applications if you use your imagination!

I’ve found some at a great price and popped a link below for you.

List Price: £2.20
Price: £2.20
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Happy Baking!


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