Info About The Mr Buns Stoke Village, Plymouth, Shop Sale & Transfer of Ownership


Since the Mr Buns Plymouth Shop in Stoke Village, Plymouth, Devon, PL3 4DH, was sold last month to Vanda Stafford, there have been a few issues.

If you are an existing customer with orders placed before 10/01/17, then I have already emailed, text, messaged or called you. Vanda should also have been in touch by now so I hope you have been able to arrange a time to meet up to discuss your order. Please find all of Vanda’s contact details here. Scroll down to see the contact details.

If for any reason you have not received any contact or information from me, then I sincerely apologise. Please click this link for all info and please email me on this website.

This LINK should address all of your questions, queries, and concerns.

Many thanks


Mr Buns Bakery Academy

*Please note that Mr Buns Plymouth Shop (to include Mr Buns Bakery Cornwall/Devon) and Mr Buns Bakery Academy (to include Mr Buns Business Academy, this website, and all social media attached to it) are two completely separate companies. We have no liability for the actions of Mr Buns Plymouth Shop (to include Mr Buns Bakery Cornwall/Devon)

*Please follow this link here for information about the Mr Buns Stoke Village, Plymouth, Shop Sale and Transfer of Ownership.

*Existing customers have been contacted but can read info again here.


Dear Customer,

I hope you are well and enjoying the build up to your special day :0)

We have some important news to share with you. 

I am writing to personally say thank you for your business over the last few years. I hope you saw the announcement we made last month introducing Vanda Stafford (aka Vanda Phillips) as the new owner of Mr Buns Plymouth. We sold Mr Buns Plymouth shop to start our Social Enterprise where we will be working with animal sanctuaries and shelters to help animals all around the world.

Sorry, I haven’t been in touch sooner, I have taken a few weeks off to make sure our move to Cambodia went well and get our children settled into their new life here. I did ask Vanda to get in touch with you ASAP to introduce herself and to go through your order or to book in a time for you to pop in at your convenience just to go over everything and make sure you are still happy. I hope she has done this. Vanda was very excited to meet you and to make your cake!

Your Order Details 

During the handover last month, I went through your order in great detail with Vanda so she is up to date with everything and ready to create your cake just as you ordered. I would still highly recommend arranging to go over everything again with Vanda though just to be sure everything is completely correct. I have included the changes made to the Bride character and the layout and attach the pictures we went through here. I also did a sketch for Vanda to give a more detailed layout. I hope she has sent you a copy; if not please ask her for one and she will send to you no problem.

Ownership Details 

Although ownership has changed, Mr Buns Plymouth Shop is still the same business and everything is exactly the same bar a few small changes. Please be assured that your order and deposit are still safe with the business.

When the business was sold as a ‘going concern’, the orders and deposits were included in the sale meaning that Vanda Stafford took them on and it was a key condition of the sale that she honour the orders exactly as they have been taken. It also means she is responsible for refunds in the event that you are not happy. So Vanda Stafford is responsible for your order as the new owner of the Mr Buns Shop in Stoke Village but it is in the agreed contract that everything is honoured. So you have booked your cake with Mr Buns and your order is still with Mr Buns, just with new ownership.

Your Concerns 

I understand that you may feel concerned that I am not the person making the cake and that is why I highly recommend meeting with Vanda to put your minds at ease. You can also arrange a consultation over the phone if you prefer. Vanda had her own cake business before buying the Mr Buns Shop so is a seasoned cake maker.

I also understand you may feel that you should have been contacted before the sale. The business has been up for sale publicly for the last 12 months. Unfortunately, we could not confirm the sale or new ownership until the contracts were signed and exchanged. Selling a business as a going concern is not unusual and we have done everything correctly to make sure your order is transferred securely. I hope you can appreciate this.

I also understand that you may feel you paid the deposit to me personally. Your deposit was paid to the business which I owned at the time. That deposit then became a business asset and was included in the sale. The new owner Vanda Stafford signed the contract agreeing to honour your order and agreeing to take responsibility and ownership of your deposit.

Any questions you have about your order, deposit, design, delivery, or anything else you can think of, can be addressed by Vanda over the phone or in person.

New Contact Details 

The Facebook page has changed. The usual Mr Buns page is now devoted to the Business of Baking and promoting our books. Just to clarify, Mr Buns Plymouth Shop is totally separate from Mr Buns Business Academy or Mr Buns Bakery Academy.

The new Facebook page for Mr Buns Plymouth shop and anything related to cake orders is:

If you have any queries or would like to discuss your order further, please contact Vanda Stafford on:

Tel: 01752 569394

Mobile: 07982677507


Facebook Message:

Same Address: 24-26 Devonport Road, Stoke Village, Plymouth, Devon, PL3 4DH.

Please check Vanda’s Mr Buns Shop Facebook page for opening hours.

A Sincere Thank You 

Unfortunately, we will not be able to handle any future enquiries or orders through the old contacts so please update these new contact details in your records. Of course, if I can help in any way, though, please let me know.

Again, thank you for your business I really appreciate that you chose Mr Buns Plymouth Shop for your special day.


Many thanks


Lee Fox-Smith

Mr Buns Bakery Academy

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