make your business stand out

How To Make Your Business Stand Out

How To Make Your Business Stand Out 

Do you want your business to be just like the rest, or would you prefer to stand out from the crowd? This post will give you Mr Buns 5 top tips to make sure you make your business stand out from the rest. Get noticed, get more customers, and make more sales!

Vanilla Twitter

Just a few minutes spent on Twitter will reveal a huge number of same old ‘vanilla’ bakery, cake, and cupcake businesses. Entry into the market is so easy, many people have started home bakeries or even run their business alongside a full-time job. Since 2009, the cupcake market has literally been flooded with new businesses opening and closing. Some last a few months before failing and having to shut down, whilst others are successful and continue to grow after many years. But what is the difference between success and failure?

Here are Mr Buns 5 Top Tips To Make Your Business Stand Out 

Be Unique 

Obviously, a lot has to do with the person behind the business. Are they serious, hardworking, committed and actually skilled at what they do? All these factors are important, but for me, the key is to be different, original and unique. If you can stand out from the crowd and deliver a top quality product that is different to what everyone else is doing, you have a far greater chance of success.

Focus On A Niche 

Perhaps you could focus on a niche such as cartoon cakes or vintage wedding cakes. Your branding can reflect your style and your personality can be used to enhance your product. So while it would seem like a difficult market to compete in, I see the large number of bakeries as an advantage. Most bakeries are not unique. They have similar logos, the tone of their social media is very much the same and the products they create are most often copies of other bakeries.

Tell Your Story Through Branding 

Now introduce a different angle, product or style and immediately you will stand out from the crowd. Back in 2009 I was the first shop in my city to introduce cupcakes and my playful, quirky branding and tone quickly dominated the local market. Other bakeries copied my products (literally they copied my exact cupcakes) but it didn’t matter,they didn’t have my branding, my story.

Your story is unique to you, no one else has it. Use this to your advantage and tell your story through your branding and at every opportunity you get!

Introduce Something Your Competition Doesn’t Have 

By 2011 – thanks to the British Bake Off – many people started cupcake business from home in my city. This forced me to introduced new ideas, flavours and products to keep one step ahead of the crowd. I commissioned a company to make my mascot, Mr Bun, and quickly got to work getting him in front of as many people as I could. This matched with my branding and enhanced the playful tone I created with my logo, product, and service.


As well as standing out, you have to innovate. If you stay the same and don’t change with the market then you will surely pay the price and shut down. Look at Apple. They started with a PC, then iPod, then iPhone, then iPad. When they started out they didn’t plan any of this. But they kept on innovating and kept introducing new products and technologies that their competitors just didn’t have. Then the competitors copy and Apple keeps innovating and that’s how they have become such an awesome company and dominate globally.

Get Dominating! 

So if you want to stand out from the crowd, take some time and think about the many ways you can do it. What are you amazing at that your competitors aren’t? What can your personality add to your branding? What ideas do you have for new products or how can you turn a traditional product upside down and revolutionise the market?

If you can stand out, be different, innovate, and stay ahead of the pack, then you can dominate your market and be a huge success.

Check It Out! 

If you are interested in starting your own cupcake or bakery business, then have a look at my book. It’s filled with all the information you need to get started and stand out from the crowd.

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Get Dominating!


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